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 ALTIUS POLES 2023 Price list (Effective July 19, 2023)

Altius poles are quickly becoming a favorite due to their performance, durability and affordability!  We keep several in stock here at our facility and if we don't have what you need, we can get them to you in just a few days!

Length     Fiberglass     Carbon Elite          

10'8"             $395.00


11'5"             $418.00                                                                                         


12'4"             $435.00                 $500.00                             


13'3"             $494.00                 $570.00                                                


14'3"             $536.00                 $647.00                             


14'9"             $570.00                 $688.00                                      


These are the lengths we keep in stock at AVC.  We can get you any length you need and have it delivered from the factory.

All prices are "Plus Freight" unless we have them in stock here at our facility.



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