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About Us


Our training sessions are run year-round and athletes of all skill levels are welcome to come jump with us.  We believe that the pole vault is a progressive event and we teach it that way. 

One of the best qualities of our training sessions is the atmosphere.  It's full of energy and excitement!  Kids come from miles away to learn how to be a better vaulter.  Everyone on the runway is serious about the vault and lots of them have some great stories and experiences to share. 

            CAMPS & CLINICS


We host a couple of summer camps each year as well as clinics over spring break and Christmas break. 

Our summer camps are held in early June and last for 3 days each.  They're comprised of athletes ranging from beginners to national contenders.

Campers learn every drill we use to train our vaulters and video sessions help them understand what needs to be accomplished.

These camps are all-inclusive so there's no need to bring extra money or food.  Some kids say that they come back each year because we feed them so well! 

            VAULT MEETS


Meets are a huge part of keeping athletes motivated and we host several of them throughout the year. 

All of our meets are USATF sanctioned and competition groups are divided up by ability levels and not age.  Every competitor gets a meet t-shirt and the top three in each division win a medal. 

Morry Sanders and Steve Irwin founded Arkansas Vault Club in 1999.  Johnny Ellis coaches with us now and has had a huge impact on our athletes. 
Since our club's inception, we have worked with hundreds of vaulters.  Many have gone on to be state champions, national champions, all-Americans, state record holders, national record holders and college athletes.
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