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Club Membership

Club Membership is a 1 year membership that includes:

     - Discounted session, camp, clinic and meet rates

     - Discount on new pole purchases

     - Team AVC singlet at meets for members who train with us on a regular basis

     - Access to our poles at meets (including junior high / high school meets when we are there to supervise)

     - Access to "Club Only" meets

Cost:  $240 per year (no monthly rates)

             $120 per extra sibling

Cost Comparison (Beginning Sept. 1, 2020)

Non-Club Member                              Club Member

                                         Sessions    $20.00                                                $10.00

                                         Meet         $40.00                                                $25.00

                                         Clinics       $95                                                     $80.00

                                         Camps       $460                                                  $395.00

                                         New Poles  Full Price                                            5% off (does not apply to member's school)

Payments:  Cash or checks are fine for regular training sessions or you can pay online if you prefer that method.

Equipment:  All of our poles, chalk and tape are available for use during our training sessions, camps, clinics and meets.  Poles are expected to be handled with care.

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