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The Other Side of The Bar


Your eyes tell a story

When you're standing at the back

They're staring at what will resolve

All you have and all you lack


It's just one little line

That's stretched across the sky

But it means more to you than you can share

Most people don't know why


It possesses every hope and dream

This thing they call the bar

Few can understand it's power

But it's pushed you here so far


On the other side lies everything

You've worked so hard to get

Still, you stand in trepidation, wondering

If your body's ready yet


Right now there's nothing else out there

That can give you what it's got

You second guess your preparation

And think maybe, maybe not


Then suddenly you realize

You've done all anyone could do

To prepare for this one moment, knowing all along

It's just the bar and you


You’ve wasted countless hours searching

For something you already know

It was meant for you to be here now

This is your time and it's time to go


So you channel all your focus

Been here many times before

In your mind you've done it flawlessly

But that's not enough, you want more


You take that first step with confidence

Expecting to go far

And you find what you’ve been looking for

On the other side of the bar




                                 - Morry Sanders





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